Airfly™ Bluetooth Adapter (66% OFF)
Airfly™ Bluetooth Adapter (66% OFF)
Airfly™ Bluetooth Adapter (66% OFF)

Airfly™ Bluetooth Adapter (66% OFF)

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Use wireless headphones with any headphone jack.

AirFly is a wireless adapter that lets you use your wireless headphones or earbuds in places that only have a headphone jack, like airplanes and treadmills. Plug this tiny transmitter into the headphone jack to listen to in-flight movies or TVs at the gym.

Also, lets two people listen to the same movie, podcast, or music with their favorite wireless headphones or earbuds. Adds the ability to stream music from your iPhone to an AUX IN in a car or speaker.

Why you'll love AirFly:

  • Up to 25+ hour battery life outlasts even the longest international flight
  • Connect 2 pair of headphones to share music, movies, and more
  • Use AirFly as an AUX IN adapter to send your iPhone's audio to the AUX IN in a rental car or older speaker

First-class listening experience on planes.

When the movie begins on your next long flight, plug AirFly into your seat’s headphone jack to listen to the movie with your AirPods, Bose, Sony or other noise cancelling wireless headphones. With up to  20+ hours of battery, AirFly will outlast the longest commercial flights. 

Send audio from your iPhone to a car stereo.

AirFly can send audio from your iPhone to the stereo in a car. So next time you’re in a rental car, use AirFly to stream directions from Waze instead of syncing your entire iPhone with the rental car. Use AirFly on your boat, in a ride-share car or to stream music to an older, yet still awesome, non-Bluetooth speaker.

Meet your new wireless headphone splitter.

AirFly allows two people to listen to the in-flight movie on an airplane or an Apple TV show on your MacBook Air, MacBook Pro or iPad Pro with their wireless headphones. AirFly works with most popular wireless headphones and earbuds, and with any combination of wireless headphone brands.